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Altitude Access Points

For Campus-wide Deployments, Distributed Worksites and Remote Branch Offices

Altitude™ Access Points (APs) come in form factors designed for a wide variety of deployment needs - high-density or high-interference zones, surface or hidden mounts, centralized or independent management. 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) saves installation time and capital expenses by eliminating separate power and data ports/cables, and power injectors and wiring; PoE also frees installers from being forced to locate APs near a power outlet. Plug-and-play installation and remote control greatly reduce the time needed to bring services online. To help eliminate network bottlenecks and system latencies, traffic can be bridged locally at the AP or tunneled to the controller. Sensorless scanning automatically detects unauthorised sessions and rogue devices.

Altitude Access Points

Altitude 4700Altitude 4700 Series

The Altitude™ 4700 series Access Points (APs) are high performance, multifunction, adaptive for secure and flexible deployment of 802.11n based enterprise wireless LANs. Altitude 4710 is a dual-radio access point with PCI-express card slot. Altitude 4750 is a tri-radio access point with third radio as a dedicated sensor.

Altitude 4600Altitude 4600 Series

The Altitude™ 4600 series high-performance Access Points (APs) enable secure and cost-effective deployment and operation of 802.11n-based enterprise Wireless LANs (WLANs).

Altitude 4511Altitude 4511 Wallplate Access Point

The Altitude™ 4511 wallplate access point (AP) is an innovative mobility solution which provides powerful Wi-Fi for college campuses and Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as dormitories, apartment complexes, hotels and hospitals.